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My Artwork

December 31, 2010


  When I was in the first grade I sat on the left side of the room. three chairs from the front. I cried a lot, hiding behind a book. I missed my mom. Mrs. Sands walked by my desk towards the back of the room while I was drawing. My friend and I were […]

The Castle

December 22, 2010


  A boy and his dad sat high on a hill, Viewing their castle in the valley so still. The dad said, “Now boy, I have something to say. Listen closely for you’ll be in my place someday. I’ll tell you my secrets. I’ll share my own plan. Of how I grew from a boy […]

He’d Bought a Dream

December 9, 2010


I watched a man crossing a Walmart parking lot with a fishing pole under his arm. It was around Christmastime, so it struck me as odd. A fishing pole in the middle of winter? I put myself into his head and out came this poem! Walking ‘cross the parking lot, and tucked beneath his arm, […]

My Christmas Gift

December 8, 2010


I’ve got nothing to give and my heart aches sore, My spirit is dragging way down to the floor. Each shopper I pass with a cartload of gifts Says silently no one but me feels like this. I’ve thought of the Christ child when presents were brought And laid at His feet, of the thoughts […]