The Castle

Posted on December 22, 2010



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A boy and his dad sat high on a hill,

Viewing their castle in the valley so still.

The dad said, “Now boy, I have something to say.

Listen closely for you’ll be in my place someday.

I’ll tell you my secrets. I’ll share my own plan.

Of how I grew from a boy to a man,

And gave to my family, my kids and my wife

The best that any person could get in this life.”

The little boy listened to all the words said.

His heart held them close until he was wed

To the girl of his dreams. They would be happy,too,

If they would just follow what Dad said to do.

The young man he worked his skin to the bone

Just to feed his young family and provide them a home.

It wasn’t a castle nor was it the kind

Of house his dad had. But for them it was fine.

His children would hug him and give him a kiss.

His wife would join in and then they’d insist

That he take the day off to roam and to play

In the fields near their house ’til the end of the day.

“Okay,” said the man. “But I’ve something to do.

My dad called this morning inquiring of you.

He’s nearing the end of his life, so you see

He wants to ask a few questions of me.”

The young man climbed to the top of the hill,

Sat next to his dad, they were both very still.

The old man had a sad look on his face.

“My son,” said the father, “your life was a waste.

I gave you the secrets to get what I had.

You didn’t listen. What a lazy young lad!”

“But, Dad!” cried the son, “I heard what you said.

But I remember how you used to tuck me in bed.

You’d tell me you loved me. Your face it would shine.

You’d tell me the world would someday be mine.

All that I wanted to have in my life

Was to give to my family, my kids and my wife,

The memories you gave me when I was a boy.

The unconditional love and the joy.

You played with me, Dad! Come see what I’ve done

With the advice that you gave me and the prizes I’ve won.”

They walked to the edge and saw in the glen

Children now laughing. It made them both grin.

And not far away ontop a small hill

Sat a foundation of a castle that will

Someday be their house. For he always did say

A home they would have all the time, every day.

“The foundation of love that I built for them Dad

You’d taught from my youth was the goal to be had.

So, I am a success, and a rich man am I!”

And the old man in admiration then cried.

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