Posted on February 10, 2011


I finished a book this morning whose main character was a woman whose life was transformed by an imaginary friend. In the end she realized he wasn’t invisible at all, just to those who didn’t, wouldn’t, or couldn’t believe. I saw her wake up from living her life carefully to someone who was full of joy. From black, white and beige to exciting and expressive color. She relearned to dance in fields of flowers, and to paint murals of places that had only existed in her mind. When she discovered that no one else in her life could see her secret friend she was shocked. She was unsure about herself. Was she crazy?

As she silently evaluated the months she spent with him she knew she had a choice. Either believe he was real or don’t. An acquaintance in the story had watched her transform, and listened to her explain what her other-worldly friend had taught her. How her view of the little town she’d hated since she was a child was now one she found joy in. He’d been visiting for a year on business and couldn’t wait to leave.

But she told him about the new man in her life, her happiness mentor, and how she was joyful now. And, I love this line, ” He stared out to the view she’d been looking at for so long and for the first time in the year he’d been there, he opened his eyes and saw it.” There had been a domino effect because of her new-found happiness. He could see with new eyes what had been there all along.

And she risks, near the end of the book, as she learns that she’d been watched and evaluated by the towns people, shouting out, “To heck with you all, I do believe!” And then her creativity blossoms. Because she’s not living to please others but to enjoy the life she’d been given.

So much of who we are is what we say to ourselves in our head. For as long as I can remember I have believed that I’ve been guided to mentors (friends in disguise), places, books, and music to teach me something and to help me move forward when I just wanted to throw it all away. Some people call what happens serendipity, coincidence, fate, etc. I call it God.

I’ve been quiet at times admitting that because it separates me from people who don’t believe what they can’t see. So they name it all kinds of fancy stuff that’s hard to understand never mind explain.

I can look at my life and see the chain of events and see the beautiful unfolding of gifts that have helped me always feel happiness because I know their source. I’ve had the meaning and value of every unbearable situation unveiled.

And there has always been help given in the form of friendships that open my eyes to new perspectives and insights. They come quietly to help me open my eyes, and slowly fade away when the lesson is learned.

I hope I always believe. I know it’s a choice. I love the feelings that come with believing. I feel free, like I have a secret that keeps a smile on my face. A knowledge that calms me in my darkest moments, days, and years. Knowing that light chases darkness away, every time.

Yes, you might catch me laughing to myself when I’m out on a walk, or talking to the air while driving in the car.  I’ll say I learned something through a friend, a book, or a song. But I believe behind all of it was God. A person who REALLY sees me and cares about my happiness.

And I know He’s tickled when I see Him!

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