Remember Who You Are

Posted on August 3, 2011


When I look at my little morning glory, wrapping itself around the one sturdy, and consistent thing  that shares its space to allow for growth upwards, I think ,

 “Remember who you are.” 

Then I see the singular, solitary bloom that exists to make me smile.  In the three days since that blossom appeared I’ve regarded it about as many times.  And again I’m reminded,

 “Remember who you are.” 

Below the magnificent simplicity lie many tendril vines, searching for something greater than themselves. I think,

“Do you remember who you are?”

 I tenderly and hopefully wrap them around the first and beg them to

“Remember who they are.”

Walking away from the moment I hear,

“You are the vine stretching towards strength. Offer yours.

 “You are the flower created to offer beauty. Smile for ME. 

“You are the wayward tendril that needs help sometimes and, 

“You are My hands. Use them wisely.

 “You have a work to do. Do it well.”

Singular, solitary, magnificent and simply beautiful, and ofttimes not regarded.”


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