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A Call to Action

September 23, 2011


What in the world? I knew something was wrong immediately. It was 3:30 am., late August, 2005. Who calls at that time of the morning?  My husband handed me the phone, watching me freeze and melt simultaneously as my mind was being bombarded by news that was too slippery to grasp. “She’s gone, Betsy.” I […]

You Are My Shooting Star

September 17, 2011


When I was young and full of hope, and dreamed how things would be, Of how you’d brighten up my life, and how much you’d mean to me, I thought of times still future bound, filling holes I never knew Existed in this mother’s heart, until I witnessed you. Then I looked up. And much to my […]

When Chaos Reigns

September 12, 2011


My almost 6-yr-old and 3-yr-old, the last of 9 children have some really bad habits. I watch them and listen to them every day and wonder what to do. The atmosphere of my home is so tense as soon as they wake up and start interacting. When they started wrestling it was cute. We’d all […]

Why Do You Use Social Media?

September 7, 2011


I’m having “a moment” today with scattered thoughts that must be somehow related, but they’re not coming together so I’m going to pull a @TheJackB and write anyways.  I had a conversation with Stan Faryna via email this week and he asked me what I wanted out of social media, esp. Triberr.  Any answer I’d […]