Hey! My name is Betsy Cross. I have a beautiful family with 9 children ages 3 to 25. The youngest is almost out of diapers and the oldest is married. Three will be in college this year, along with me! I majored in ballet and languages at the University of Utah, and this year will continue my college education in family history/genealogy.

I’ve always been an artist, specializing in pen and ink, but I do a lot of pencil work now. Those ink wells make me nervous with little ones running nearby!

I love family history because of the stories. I’m fascinated with what I learn about my ancestors that I can apply to my life. What gifts, weaknesses, family traits and habits have been passed down that need to be nurtured or broken? How can the stories I tell make a difference in my family’s life?

I have the most fun helping people who have very little experience with family history/genealogy. Those of you who think you SHOULD be doing a little genealogy but can’t get yourself motivated, you who feel totally overwhelmed navigating the online genealogy resources, and you who have mounds of paperwork that you lug around with you or that sit in the corner of your living room…I LOVE YOU! You are my new best friends!! Let me help you start off right so the journey will be more fun.

Let’s chat via email: betsycross10@yahoo.com

Part of my consulting business is focused on helping you catch the vision of  Legacy Stories . I am a Certified Legacy Advisor in the I-Ask Network there.

Living Legacy Project      Learn more

I-ASK     Learn more

Leave a Legacy - your own Family Tree Page     Learn more

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