You Are My Shooting Star

Posted on September 17, 2011


When I was young and full of hope, and dreamed how things would be,

Of how you’d brighten up my life, and how much you’d mean to me,

I thought of times still future bound, filling holes I never knew

Existed in this mother’s heart, until I witnessed you.

Then I looked up. And much to my surprise I was aglow!

And I believed no one in the world would ever know,

The feelings of one tender heart, stretched to let in blazing light,

Changed forever in one cloudless, starry night.

Then you were here so suddenly, I’d hardly time to breathe,

To take in all your beauty, all the mystery you’d leave.

But now you’re gone, the light grows dim.

Alone I’m left to feel… your presence in my memory

Though far away so real.

Oh, I never knew the emptiness that you would leave for me

Would never leave again, or how hard life now would be.

To live and breathe without you, knowing you’re no longer here,

But brightening another’s sky in some far distant sphere.

But I’ll look up,

Remembering you crossed my life one night.

And I will wish

For strength to make it through another night.

I’ll wish upon five million stars

That you could stay with me,

Knowing that’s a wish that for now cannot be.

 You are my shooting star for now, although that’s hard to bear.

I’ll hold onto what I have of you, and with each breath I’ll dare

To risk to live another day with a leaking, rusty heart,

Holding everything together while it’s falling all apart.

I’ll hope a little longer that the day won’t last too long.

Because the nighttime waits for me. I’ve known it all along.

Each tear I shed makes clearer stars that quietly appear.

Your name I’ll whisper once again with hope that you are near.

And I’ll look up, to trails of glory left as you were passing through.

And I’ll believe

In future worlds where all the shooting stars I knew

Will someday stay

And seeing me will start

Passing to me pieces of my broken heart.


Betsy Cross


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